1. Other time travel favorites inculde the following:
    1. Wrinkle in Time (Madeline L’Engle)
    2. Chronicles of Narnia
    3. Fringe (You say “altenate universe”, I say “timeline.”)
    4. Adventures in Odyssey (the Imagination Station)
    5. Hitchhiker’s Guides
    6. Brigadoon
    7. Daybreak (Similar to Groundhog’s Day, but Detective Brent Hopper wakes up to the same day on which he’s been accused of murdering a district attorney. Every morning is identical, except for any new information that he has discovered from the previous day–and anything that has happened to his body.
    8. Lost in Austen (Elizabeth Bennett comes to the present and current day Amanda Price goes back to Pride and Prejudice times.)

  2. Hello, Connie Willis? Firewatch, Doomsday Book, and To Say Nothing of the Dog? Not only does she present the time machine as a fait accompli without any silly pseudo-technical explanation, she puts it in the hands of academic historians, because really, who else should be operating a time machine?

    • Seriously? How can we trust somebody with a *Stanford* email address… Holy crap, you ain’t kidding! This is a shocking blind spot. I look forward to checking out her books. Thanks for the recommendation…and Go Bears!

    • Names of fans are culled from these comments, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, iTunes reviewers, and actually (gasp!) meeting fans in person. They’re then thrown into a digital hat and I pluck one out each week, double-checking that I haven’t given them a shout-out before. I usually try to get both first and last names but sometimes will use noms de web if it looks like I’ll totally screw up the pronunciation.

  3. My favorite Star Trek time travel story is from Voyager. A renegade time cop from the future travels back in time to kill Janeway because she’s messed with time too much. For me its so meta. Star Trek always seems to do a time travel ep when they run out of other ideas. So, for there to be an in-universe character who just flips his lid and goes “STOP. MESSING WITH. THE TIMELINE!” is hysterical to me.

    • Love it. There’s a similar bit in the DS9 episode “Trials & Tribble-ations”, in which an agent from the “Department of Temporal Investigations” refers to Capt. James T. Kirk as “The worst. A menace.”

  4. I also love Back to the Future, including the chalk board bit, BUT: Back to the Future Pt. II isn’t internally consistent! After Biff brought the almanac back, he would have traveled to the newly created 2015, not the one Marty and Doc were walking around in. They should have been stranded in that 2015 forever. But then, of course, there’s no story.

  5. Yes! Love it! PRIMER! That’s how I know you’re picking the right interviewees. I literally had my comments all ready: “PRIMER IS THE BEST”. He. Said. It. For. Me! <3 <3 <3

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