Completely Hollywood (abridged)

“(This) smart, timely satire sent a Kennedy Center audience into regular peals of near-hysterical laughter.” The Washington Post

“You’ll nearly fall out of your theater seat laughing. Spectacularly high energy… an absolute scream!”
The Arizona Republic

“A hilarious and speedy take on Hollywood’s highs and lows. I loved it! An instant classic! Hurray for Hollywood, and hurray for the Reduced Shakespeare Company!” BBC

“It’s refreshing to know that the globetrotting band is as fresh as ever and can still earn a new wave of accolades. The American premiere of the company’s latest foray, COMPLETELY HOLLYWOOD (abridged), is witty and wonderful, wowing audiences with its skillful skewering of American cinema. In short, they are some of the best fast-talking funny men in the business.” Backstage

“Stellar shtick. Highly skilled sketch comedy artists.” Chicago Tribune

“As fresh, unpretentious and funny as (their) earlier shows. The abundant comedy springs as often from the visual as the verbal, spewing forth in a fusillade of playfully irreverent images and inventively juxtaposed ideas.” Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Critic’s Choice! “Their satiric salute to Hollywood got a standing ovation. They are irrepressible. Genuinely funny.” Benedict Nightingale, London Times

“Completely Hollywood (abridged) delivers the goods! One of the funniest troupes in American theater today.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“Break-neck, ingenious compendium of filmmaking’s 100-plus-year history!” Howard Sherman, Executive Director of the American Theatre Wing

“Hilarious. London Sunday Mail

“Anarchic slapstick delivered at a frenetic pace.Reuters

“Completely Hollywood (abridged)” is two hours of nonstop silliness. Somehow, the three reminded me of the Marx Brothers in their word play. The show is delivered at a chaotic pace.” Talkin’ Broadway

“The Reduced Shakespeare Company has done it again, an unalloyed audience pleaser. It elicited howls of laughter.” The Stage – London

“Inspired, positively side-splitting.” Fest – Edinburgh

“This is unleashed theatrical anarchy that will keep even the sleepiest of patrons awake and laughing out loud. It’s smart, it’s funny. (They are) fearlessly funny in their irreverence.San Francisco Bay Times

“You’ll love this show – fast paced, hilarious, riotous comedy.” Three Weeks – Edinburgh

“A hilarious tribute to Hollywood… a terrific night of laughs!”

“For a great evening of uproarious laughter get thee to COMPLETELY HOLLYWOOD.” Jeffrey R Smith – San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Critics Circle


“Completely Hollywood (abridged) has the kind of hallucinatory sideways comic logic that you find in, say, the films of the Marx Brothers or the early albums of the Firesign Theatre.KDHX Radio – St. Louis

“Hilarity from beginning to end. The energy is phenomenal. A very funny and thoroughly enjoyable romp.” British Theater Guide

“One of the greatest, sustained pieces of physical comedy I have ever seen. There are brilliant pieces of comic invention. Go see. Buy tickets now.” BBC

“It’s impossible not to have a good time. There’s a great deal of satisfaction just watching these men do what they do better than just about anybody else could.” Pittsburgh City Paper

“A gargantuan feat of comedic compression” London Mail Arts Magazine

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