The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)

“Pithier than Python. Irresistible.” New York Times

“A madcap condensation that features non-stop laughs. Done at a whirlwind pace and with great delight, they are sure to win over even the most skeptical. And there is no doubt that William Shakespeare himself… would approve.” Daily Variety

“If you like Shakespeare, you’ll like this show. If you hate Shakespeare, you’ll love this show!” The Today Show

“Stupendous, anchorless joy!” The London Times

“Wildly funny. Masterful!” Los Angeles Times

“The funniest show you are likely to see in your entire lifetime.” Montreal Gazette

“Absl hlrs!” The London Independent

“Absolutely hilarious. Must be seen to be believed.” Los Angeles Herald Tribune

“Among the wittiest takeoffs on Shakespeare… Splendid!” Shakespeare Quarterly

“The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) is one of the funniest shows you are likely to see in your entire lifetime.” Montreal Gazette

“Enthralling, side-splitting stuff… witty, entertaining and enlightening.” Melbourne Times, Australia

“Ridiculously nutty. And foolish. And original. (The Complete Works) would tickle every student who’s ever squirmed through dry classroom Shakespeare.” Los Angeles Times

“It’s clever. It’s remarkably silly. It’s a great send-up of Shakespeare.” San Francisco Examiner

“A fast-paced, continuously clever show, an exhilarating mix of highbrow and lowbrow. See them anon!” Los Angeles Daily News

“Imagine all 37 of Shakespeare’s plays as written by Reader’s Digest, acted by Monty Python, and performed at the speed of the Minute Waltz, and you’ll have a sense of the RSC’s hyperkinetic Laughfest, The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged). The RSC breezes through Shakespeare with such revisionist relish and comic dexterity that even those who have only a general knowledge of his plays won’t be able to resist.” Los Angeles Herald-Examiner

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