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The Reduced Shakespeare Company Reader - August 2010

The Complete World of Sports (abridged)

RSC Premieres "The Complete World of Sports (abridged)"

You've pleaded. You've begged. You've supplicated (we're not even completely sure what supplicated means). But despite your protestations the Reduced Shakespeare Company is unveiling a brand new show this Fall. The Complete World of Sports (abridged) covers every sport ever played on every continent in the entire history of the world in under two hours. If you like sports, you'll like the show. If you hate sports, you'll love the show.

Be the envy of your friends - see the RSC premiere of SPORTS (abridged) at Merrimack Repertory Theater in Lowell, MA! We'll be there September 9 - October 3.

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The Complete World of Sports (abridged)

Bad Boys of Abridgment Hit the Road!

Folks are constantly telling us to hit the road and sometimes they even mean it in a good way. So that's what we're doing. Between now and the end of the year we'll be performing all across this great land of ours - Richmond VA, Princeton NJ, Charlotte NC, Burlington VT and many points in between. Here's a list of our upcoming performances:

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Completely Hollywood (abridged)

DC Loves the RSC!

The RSC took the Kennedy Center in Washington DC by storm this summer, playing three nearly sold-out weeks with Completely Hollywood (abridged). The Washington Post said that the show "... sent a Kennedy Center audience into regular peals of near-hysterical laughter." Read the whole review:

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The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged)

Asian Invasion

The Far East can be mysterious. That must explain why they are having us back to Hong Kong and Singapore so soon! We'll be performing The Bible: The Complete Word of God (abridged) and The Complete History of America (abridged) at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts from October 18-31, followed by Completely Hollywood (abridged) and America (abridged) at Jubilee Hall in Singapore from November 1-14.

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Tour Dates: 2010

Sept 9 - Oct 3
Lowell, MA

Oct 6 - 7
Richmond, VA

Oct 9
Princeton, NJ

Oct 18 - 31
Hong Kong

Oct 22
Burlington, VT

Nov 1 - 14

Nov 2 - 7
Charlotte, NC

Nov 9
Columbia, SC

Nov 18 - 21
Richardson, TX

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