1. I LOVE your podcast. I am a huge fan!!!!! I cannot wait for the new show to premire so i can watch it over and over again on the internet. BTW, ‘having a catch’, came from the the book the movie was based on, ‘SHoeless Joe’. According to an interview the writer did when the movie was coming out, that’s what he called it as a kid.

  2. Thanks Zetter-B! I think of singing like I think of sports – with total fear and trepidation! So your kind words are like music to my ears (just don’t ask me which key we’re in!)…

    • Dude! Been there.

      (One of our BIBLE podcasts from December 07 talks about the difficulty of getting 5 pairs of animals up onstage during a sparsely attended matinee. We just barely made it.)

      • I’ll do that, we’d love to have you again! He might be a bit busy directing the scottish play, but I’m sure us unwashed masses can pull together to do some clamoring.

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