1. I am hoping to see you guys in Barnsley this weekend.
    but also hoping if i can’t make it that my dear country has done enough to entice you all back another time.

    incase i don’t make it and don’t get to say it to your face

    Mr Matt Rippy, you are still a better dancer than John Barrowman, I said it at Hub 2 and I still say it!


  2. I have been in Poole, Dorset tonight, was absolutely briliant, it was fun and I just did my performance in England. I am Spanish and I did the mexican, the transilvanian and running the bulls like in Pamplona, very familiar. You are absolutely fantastic. BRAVO.

  3. John A. Ferguson

    I am also saddened that you will not come to Scotland. I have been a big fan for many years, seen many of your shows and want you back in Glasgow.

    We want you back!

  4. So happy you’re coming back to Europe*! Will definitely come to see you! 🙂
    Best regards from Cologne (Germany),
    * Seen from the continent, the UK is part of Europe although the Brits sometimes don’t seem to agree … 😉

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